EUTM Mali: Le troisième Mandat.

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Le 23 mars 2016, Le Conseil de l’UE a décidé de prolonger la mission d’entraînement au Mali.

L’Union européenne conduit une mission d’entrainement au Mali (Military Training Mission in Mali : EUTM Mali) pour fournir aux Forces armées maliennes (FAMA) du conseil et une formation militaire sous le contrôle des autorités civiles légitimes. L’objectif est de restaurer la capacité militaire des Maliens pour leur permettre de mener des opérations qui contribuent au rétablissement l’intégrité du territoire malien et réduisent la menace des groupes terroristes.

Le troisième mandat d’EUTM Mali débutera le 19 mai 2016 et prendra fin le 18 mai 2018.

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164 trainees in one week – EUTM Mali trainers to train future Malian Armed Forces leaders

The initiative

The Malian Army HQ’s Training Division announced the need for a special “Train the Trainers Course” to EUTM Mali, in order to prepare future trainers for the new recruits, entering Train the Trainers in Faladiéthe Malian Armed Forces in May 2016.

The challenge

This course was about 164 Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers of the Malian Armed Forces participating in the training in Bamako-Faladie. Last week 110 trainees have already been trained by EUTM.

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The first artillery shooting in seven years.

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The EUTM-Mali Mortar Training Team finished its tour organising, supervising and executing the first artillery live firing exercise since 2009. It was the final evaluation of the 36th Artillery Regiment.

19.Apr.’16.- It was seven years ago when the Malian artillery performed its last live firing exercise. Today, we can say that EUTM-Mali helped the Malian Armed Forces (MaAF) to recover its artillery capability.

D-30 howitzer firing

D-30 howitzer firing.

“Motivation and Challenge” are the words employed by the instructors to express the way to face that phase of the training. This is also the first time that EUTM-Mali has organised such an event. It can be considered as an example of the European Union’s reform efforts for the MaAF which are clearly bearing fruit.

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Mobile training for the 134th Reconnaissance Squadron – EUTM Mali’s training is flexible


The instructors of EUTM Mali are busy training the 400 members of Battlegroup 8 in Koulikoro. But EUTM Mali also has a smaller, mobile training team that can deliver specialist courses when requested.  So the Armoured Training Team conducted a four week training programme for the “134th Reconnaissance Squadron” in Kati.

‘Introduction for the trainees’

‘Introduction for the trainees’

Kati Training Area The soldiers of the 134th Reconnaissance Squadron assembled near to their armoured vehicles, the “Bastion”. The instructors

‘Tactical movement drills’

‘Tactical movement drills’

of EUTM Malis’ Armoured Training Team began their introduction on the training topics for that day. First of all a revision of essential infantry drills, tactical movements as part of a squad and finally, – communication between the Malian soldiers while advancing – was scheduled. “This is one of the essentials” one of the trainers told us.

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