Para training EUTM Mali

From 06 to 09 April, EUTM Mali organized a parachute training activity in BAMAKO region with the Belgian paratroopers of the EUTM’s Force Protection and 30 Malian paratroopers of the 33R Para (MLI). The objective of this activity was to support the development of the Malian parachuting capabilities. For the Malian paratroopers it was their first jump since 2011.


Du 06 au 09 avril, EUTM Mali a organisé une activité d’entrainement au parachute dans la région de BAMAKO avec les parachutistes belges de la « Force Protection » d’EUTM et 30 parachutistes maliens du 33R Para (MLI). L’objectif de cette activité était de soutenir le développement des capacités de parachutisme maliennes. Pour les parachutistes maliens, il s’agissait de leur premier saut depuis 2011.

End of the sniper course in Kati

This week the trainers of EUTM Mali finalized the supervision of the first sniper course fully organized by the Malians.

This course is just one of the steps in the Train the Trainers process for snipers. Since EUTM’s involvement in the MaAF training, three sniper courses have already been carried out, in which three instructors, two monitors and one monitor assistant were trained to be trainers.


Major Souleymane Sidibé, the first sniper instructor in the history of the Malian Army, was in charge of conducting this course, which lasted 8 weeks and in which, after a week of selection, 44 NCO,s and soldiers have been trained to be snipers, using the 7,62mm caliber Zastava Dragunov precision rifle. The EUTM specialists (Spanish and Portuguese) acted only as observers during the last 4 weeks of the course.


Major Sidibé has expressed the importance of this continuous training process, so that the MaAF will become autonomous in developing their own MaAF sniper capability. He also appreciates the impetus and energy that EUTM provides in training MaAF.

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