Mandate & Concepts


The European Union shall conduct a Military Training Mission in Mali (EUTM Mali), to provide military and training advice to the Malian Armed Forces (MaAF) operating under the control of legitimate civilian authorities, in order to contribute to the restauration of their military capacity with a view to enabling them to conduct military operations aiming at restoring Malian territorial integrity and reducing the threat posed by terrorist groups.

EUTM Mali`s third Mandate will last until the 18th of May 2018. Its Mission Area includes the military regions of KAYES, BAMAKO, SIKASSO, SÉGOU, and MOPTI, as well as the river NIGER loop including the municipalities of GAO and TIMBUKTU.

Mission Area Mandate Three


EUTM Mali shall respond to the operational needs of the MaAF through the provision of:

  • training support for the benefit of the MaAF,
  • training and advice on command and control, logistical chain and human resources, as well as training on International Humanitarian Law, protection of civilians and human rights,
  • a contribution, upon Malian request and in coordination with MINUSMA, to the Disarmament, Demobilisation and Reintegration process framed by the Peace Agreement, through the provision of training sessions in order to facilitate the reconstruction of inclusive Malian Armed Forces,
  • support to the G5 Sahel process, within the activities of EUTM Mali in support of the MaAF, by contributing to enhancing coordination and interoperability within the G5 Sahel national armed forces.


EUTM Mali’s Concept

Advice – Train – Educate


EUTM Mali provides advice at both strategic and regional level, to the Ministry of Defence, Malian Armed Forces (MaAF) authorities and to military headquarters in the military regions in support to the implementation of the structural reforms encompassed in the Defence Programming Law. Additionally, the Mission assists the MaAF in assessing the implementation of the reform.Advice 2

 French-speaking, multi-disciplinary, military advisors share their experience and expertise with their Malian counterparts in the domains of human resources management, logistics, intelligence, conduct of operations, information systems, finances and planning.Advice 1


During the last 3 years, EUTM Mali has successfully trained 8 Battlegroups whereas 5 Battlegroups have been retrained. Additionally, several Leadership Courses as well as Specialised Training Courses took place. In total, more than 8000 soldiers have been trained by EUTM Mali which represents 2/3 of the Malian Army. In order to transition to an autonomous MaAF training in the future, EUTM will concentrate on a gradual “Train the Trainer” and “Monitor the Trainer” approach focusing on MaAF leaders mainly in the military region headquarter garrisons, Malian military schools or at the EUTM Training Centre in Koulikoro.

Train the trainers


In order to enhance leadership skills in the MaAF, leadership education and training, especially for the junior and middle leadership, appears crucial. The Mission aims to develop the military education system by integrating EUTM instructors into the officer and non-commissioned officer school, in order to improve the authority, legitimacy, actions and behaviour of each MaAF leader. The man focus lies on legal and leadership skills education, tactical and strategical education, training planning process, basic military principles and International Humanitarian Law.

Education of MaAF leaders

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