Commando training in KTC

Belgian para-commandos from EUTM Mali installed some exciting commando and climbing routes on the mount Keita next to the Koulikoro Training Center (KTC). These temporary installations are being used until the end of the week to teach some basic climbing skills and, within the scope of their leadership training program, as a test of courage for the 2nd year students of the “Ecole Militaire Inter-Armes” (EMIA).

Les para-commandos belges d’EUTM Mali ont installé un parcours commando sur le Mont Keita,  à côté du camp d’entrainement de Koulikoro. Ces installations temporaires sont utilisées jusqu’à la fin de la semaine pour enseigner certaines techniques d’escalade de base et pour tester l’audace des étudiants de 2ème  année de l’Ecole Militaire Inter-Armes (EMIA), dans le cadre de leur cours de leadership.



Mortar shooting exercise in Kalifabougou

The 10th of May was the last day of a 10-week mortar course. During this course, EUTM Mali instructors trained 28 MaAF soldiers of several different infantry units in the tactical use of the 60mm mortar weapon system. The course covered many different topics, ranging from calculation and topography to aiming and tactical movements with this specific weapon.

Le 10 mai se terminait un cours de 10 semaines sur le mortier de 60mm. Pendant cette période, les instructeurs d’EUTM Mali ont formé 28 soldats provenant de plusieurs unités d’infanterie des FAMa sur l’utilisation tactique de ce système d’arme. Le cours a couvert de nombreux aspects différents : calcul, topographie, mouvements tactiques, visée…



G5 SAHEL LNO Course Closing Ceremony

On the 12th of May 2017, the closing ceremony of the G5 Sahel LNO (Liaison Officer) course took place in Bamako.

For two weeks, 23 officers from the 5 countries of the G5 Sahel (Mali, Mauritania, Burkina Faso, Niger and Chad) received training to enhance interoperability between their armed forces.

At the graduation ceremony, Brigadier General Devogelaere, EUTM Mali Commander, thanked the various partners who helped to make this training a success, in particular the MaAF, EUCAP Sahel Mali, Barkhane Operation and MINUSMA.

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